Sunday, 13 May 2012

flames demo games state of the war so far

We have been playing flames for several meetings now both here Newmarket and at NEWS. up until this last week there has been no defined winner. being under the rules as defined no out right winner as the objectives were not reached , it all came down to units destroyed the first battles were an even draw either tony v chris , neil v chris(twice) and simon , neil v chris ,tony, all of us scored a total of 1 victory point per game to a total of 4. this week saw tony, neil and pawel v chris simon and steve the german players scored 0 units lost, the allied units how ever lost 2 units, ending the game , again the objective was not reached, but under the rules you look up your opponent as if they won and take the loosing score . there fore germans have 3 vp and allies have 2. so now totalling axis 7 allies 6. the next mission is now down to a dice roll. adding your vp to it.

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