Wednesday, 8 February 2012

40k doubles tournament results

Hi Peoples,

First of all thanks to all who came along, I hope you had a good time and will
come along to the next one. Thanks should also go to Neil and Derek for all
their help in the organisation and running of the tournament, they did a
sterling job.

In the end it turned out that me and Neil didn't need to pair up as there were
no rules disputes at all which was brilliant, but at least we didn't seem to
affect the tournament results too badly as the people we played came 1st, 2nd
and 4th.

Also, we unfortunately ran out of time for people to vote for the Best
Sportsman, so me and Neil came to the decision to give it to Kris Doherty,
congrats Kris.

Here are the full results for those who're interested:

Tournament Results

1st: Matthew Evans (Space Marines) and Ryan Faircloth (Orks): 4TP 3222VP
2nd: James Moore (Blood Angels) and Daniel Smith (Space Marines): 4TP 2501VP
3rd: Grant Clark (Chaos Daemons) and Richard Dale (Imperial Guard): 3TP 2585VP
4th: Chris Rutterford (Blood Angels) and Mike (Dark Eldar): 3TP 2475VP
5th: Shaun Botting (Space Marines) and Hadleigh Wilks (Chaos Space Marines): 2TP
6th: Derek Banks (Orks) and Kris Doherty (Eldar): 2TP 2157VP
7th: Grant Botting (Blood Angels) and Jonathan (Tyranids): 0TP 1115VP

Most games won: Rem Ashford (Grey Knights) and Neil Thorby (Space Wolves).

Best Painted Army: Hadleigh Wilks' Legion of Taurus Chaos Space Marines.

Best Sportsman: Kris Doherty.

I also have the full round breakdown and army lists for those who're interested.

If anyone has any feedback or ideas for the next tournament (Which I'll be
running in around 6 months I'd reckon) then please get in contact. If you could
let me know whether you'd like it to be another random doubles, normal doubles
or singles that would be also be great.

I'm also thinking of running with some composition rules, Neil has suggested the
system where you must take 1 Elites , 1 Fast Attack and 1 Heavy Support before
you can take another choice from any of those slots, which sounds like a good
idea to me.



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